Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Logline Central - Monsterpocalypse

Logline Central is an irregular segment that takes a deeper look at loglines of scripts or projects that have just been purchased, as listed on DoneDealPro.

Title: Monsterpocalypse
Logline: Set in a metropolis filled with buildings, monsters brawl, blast or make devastating power attacks against the enemy monster. Units can attack a monster as well, but they typically need to work together in order to deal damage. The most damage comes from using the monster exclusive power attacks that deal damage by, for example, sending the opposing monster crashing into one or more buildings on the map.
Was this written by a third grader?
More: Board game, which is published by Privateer Press. Game creator Matt Wilson will co-produce. 
Oh, there it is. No writer yet attached to a movie based on another toy, this time a board game. 

You know, there was a time not too long ago when writers were encouraged to adapt their unsold spec script into a comic book or a novel if they were having trouble getting it made. The thought was that studios, reluctant to buy up some new material, would be much more comfortable paying for the rights to adapt a script from source material. The lucky writer, then, might essentially make the same sale twice, getting paid for the rights to his/her novel, and then cashing in a second time on a script that has already been written. (I heard that Larry McMurtry did this with Lonesome Dove.)

Now, perhaps it's we should start making our ideas into toys and/or board games if we hope to turn them into script sales.

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