Thursday, July 30, 2009

Site Alert -

"Screenwriters in America print 180 million sheets of paper a year. In six months, we hope to cut that in half."

This environmentally conscious mission statement comes directly from, a new site that hopes to save trees while connecting writers with agents, producers, and managers. According to the site - which no one at the League currently uses - producers and agents pay monthly or per use to download WGA registered scripts (and treatments, loglines, synopses) in their search for new clients or material. Writers, however, pay nothing to use the site. (As an environmentally conscious writer, the mission statement itself was enough to draw my attention to the site.)

Again, none of us here at The League have tried Greenwriter, in part because it is a new kid on the block - the site only went up about a week ago. But, this could be just the thing that writers are looking for. No, it's not reinventing the wheel, but it is another resource. Proceed with caution, as always - especially when it comes to putting your work on the web - but know that this is another tool that is out there for you to use.