Saturday, January 03, 2009

Trailer Trash XXVII: Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde (1976)

"Super-strong, super-natural and super-bad!"

Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde
marks the second variation on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic story that I've written on here in Trailer Trash. (The first was Daughter of Dr. Jekyll.) It is, however, the first blaxploitation version I've touched on.

Dr. Pride (the 'Dr. Black' in the title is only a reference to the doctor's skin tone) is a brilliant young doctor working on a experimental cure for alcohol-induced liver damage. When he tests the serum on himself, he turns into a white-skinned (well, greenish-white-skinned, but we'll take the movie's word for it) monster that can't help but go on hooker and pimp-killing rampages. I'm not entirely sure of what statement the film is trying to make, so I'll leave that essay for the academics.

[Ed. note - For another cinematic study of what happens when someone's skin accidentally turns white after a nutty experiment, check out Trailer Trash subject Old Dracula.]

A quick heads-up: The video you are about to watch contains some of the best trailer-rapping we've seen in a Trailer Trash article since Dolemite. Also, the first few seconds are NSFW. (But who reads blogs at work, anyway?)

Aaaaaaand - go!

At 0:03 - Um, I think the phrasing should be "is a black doctor", right? Also, unnecessarily topless woman three seconds into the trailer... we know this is gonna be a classy flick.
At 0:05 - Hiya, nurse.
At 0:11 - You won't like him when he's angry!
At 0:17 - Pimpfights!
At 0:25 - Wika-chika-waka soundtracks. Put another check in the "1970s" column.
At 2:01 - If Samuel L. Jackson was working when this movie was made, that would have been his role right there.

"Don't give him no sass, or he'll kick your ass!"

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