Saturday, December 13, 2008

Trailer Trash XXIV: Old Dracula (1975)

"Count Dracula is having a bloody good time with the year's juiciest playmates!"

I've got a joke for you, kids! Alrighty, y'all! Gather 'round!

Q: What do you get... when you cross a vampire... with a pimp??

::snicker, giggle::

A: This lump of shit!

Old Dracula is a comedy from 1975 that seems to be trying to play to both the horror and blaxploitation audiences and gets both of them terribly, terribly wrong. Dracula is kinda like a pimp, but he's white. How does this movie fall into the blaxploitation realm of cinema? Regardez le plot: Dracula's (white) wife gets a blood transfusion from one of Drac's Playboy Playmate friends, and that turns her into a sassy black woman! Let the wacky, racist hijinks ensue!

Seriously. If it weren't for movies like Soul Plane, I'd say that movies like this couldn't be made anymore. Most of the plot involves Dracula trying to turn his wife white again. I'm not kidding! Even Al Jolson had to have cringed a little in his grave when this movie came out.

But, according to the poster, if you loved Young Frankenstein, you'll love Old Dracula!

Okay, enough chit-chat. Trailer time.

At 0:14 - Who is doing this narration?
At 0:25 - Back when David Niven was a household name.
At 0:36 - Oh, no. Are they rapping?
At 0:40 - I used to rap like that, but I was a seven year-old white kid from Ohio that only knew what rap was from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
At 0:42 - Burrrrp!

Seriously, who asked the Cowsills to record a rap song?

"Save some for the kiddies, ol' Drac-baby!"

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