Friday, December 12, 2008

The Writing Wire for 12/12: Zombie icons, Ellroy on HBO and 'Che' potty breaks

Happy Friday, all. Let's roll.

• IO9 asks: Is sci fi getting too mainstream? Also -- and Zombie will appreciate this -- how would major cultural icons look if they were zombie-fied? Check out Ronnie Reagan above.

• Have you lied about reading a good book lately? It's OK if you have.

• The Underwire has the verdict on The Day The Earth Stood Still remake: Not so good.

• More importantly, when should you take a pee break during Steve Soderbergh's four-hour Che biopic?

• Topless Robot thinks Heroes might stop sucking soon. Did it ever not suck?

• Measure for Measure, the great songwriting blog from The New York Times discusses writing confessional songs.

Could Gran Torino be Clint's best work in years?

• And, in the "Only King Suckerman Cares/Delay of Game" category, I just realized that HBO is working on a series adapting James Ellroy's "American Underworld" novels, American Tabloid and The Cold Six Thousand. Extra cool? It's by the team that did the critically-acclaimed John Adams mini.


Cake Man said...

Re: Heroes, like any good comic book fan, I tried, I mean really tried to like it. I did. As Zombie can attest, I have all but the season premier form this year loaded onto our DVR, waiting for a day of infinite boredom (or probably something better to DVR and the ensuing need to delete stuff that's saved on there). I think the biggest problem (or one of them) facing the show is the number of characters. There are waaaaaay too many "heroes' and villains" running around, and as they dilude the screen, I care less and less about the characters that I actually do like. What's the point of investing time in Hiro if he's only on screen for 5 minutes? Also, why does Peter have to be such a damn loser still? Future Peter = annoying, and the other is just too weak to get behind. (Plus, does anyone else think Sylar should have just dies at the end of Season 1?)

Bottom line: too many character = not enough to care about.

Nerd moment over.

Zombie said...

Man, you ARE a nerd.