Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trailer Trash XXVI: Operation Kid Brother (1967)

"Neil Connery is too much!"

Can't afford an A-list actor for your B-grade film? Well, maybe they have a younger sibling? That's just as good, right? I mean, no less than sixteen Baldwins have built their career on that concept alone.

Sean Connery's little bro Neil plays Dr. Neil Connery (in a brilliant stroke of character naming) in this z-grade James Bond knockoff. Most of the cast is made up of actors from previous Bond movies, which lends a tiny shred of credibility to the whole shebang.

At 0:08 - "Neil Connery... is not as good as his brother." (Sorry, cheap shot.)
At 0:20 - "Neil Connery... beats the hell out of everybody!"
At 0:29 - "Daniela Bianchi... can do much better than Neil Connery!"
At 0:40 - If you're not paying attention, rewind right here and listen to the lyrics to this song. They're amazing.
At 0:45 - Hellloooo, nurse.
At 0:50 - Beauty is subjective, apparently.
At 0:55 - Hellloooo, evil nurse.
At 1:05 - Hellloooo, circus nurse.
At 1:37 - Is that some kind of clown boat?
At 1:42 - Ceiling guns = ally of ceiling cat?
At 1:47 - Syd Barret-vision: ON!

"Too much... for one mother!"

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