Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Writing Week (Vol. 4) part 182 - Working from Home

This marks the second official week that my employer has allowed me to work from home. I had to sign a contract agreeing to meet certain benchmarks, but the short of it is that I do not have to reappear in the office until August 29 (or whatever that Monday is). My boss and supervisor and I have an understanding that this (incredible) offer is also supposed to be a boon to my writing. 

To be honest, I wouldn't say I've managed to do a whole lot more on my script than I would have had I been working 10-6 each day in the office. I've made consistent (and sometimes consistently slow) progress reworking my Medieval revenge spec. If all goes well, I should have the revised first act about done today. But I need to get cracking more, pushing out those pages so that I can meet my earlier goal of completing two scripts this summer. I got a one page revised outline of Act Two done (which felt pretty stellar) and reworked the first act outline prior to doing the new and tweaked pages. Act Three is still a bit shady, but it's going to be short and to the point, so I'm not very concerned.

Having extra time has enable me to watch more movies, which I guess is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, I have a lot more "study" time. On the other, that's time that could be spent writing. I'm heading down to my parents' place in Arlington, Virginia for about a week, and ideally will be able to crank out a lot of pages there (and on the bus ride down, which would be a first). 

In the meantime, I have a lot of waiting to do. I entered Nicholl this year - waiting on that. I applied for an October screenwriters retreat - waiting on that. Waiting, also, to hear back regarding a playwright program I submitted an application for. Finally, I'm still waiting to hear back about what - if anything - is happening with my post-Apocalyptic noir script. We're out to a few companies, but the longer the silence is, the more grim the picture. 

At least I can wait in the comfort of my and my parents' house.