Saturday, November 01, 2008

Trailer Trash XVIII: Daughter of Dr. Jekyll (1957)

"If you love me, please do me!"

Did you know Dr. Jekyll had a daughter? And that she was a vampire? That doesn't make sense to you? Me neither! Here's the trailer:

At 0:13 - I understand that's probably pretty hard for her to find out on the eve of her marriage, but imagine how terrible that is for her fiance!
At 0:35 - His teeth are the scariest thing in the movie so far.
At 0:43 - Whaaaa...? It's been a long time since 9th grade English class, so someone back me up here - Dr. Jekyll wasn't a vampire, was he...?
At 0:47 - "Drawing sustenance from beastiality" WTF? More on this soon.
At 1:00 - Ok, stake through heart. Wikipedia doesn't say Jekyll was a vampire, so that stands.
At 1:10 - Um, that's what she said.
At 1:26 - Dream sequence courtesy of the Merry Pranksters.

Regarding beastiality: What the hell? Did this mean something else in the 1950s? Y'know, like in the 1950s when boner didn't mean, y'know, boner?

Ohhhhh, bestial. My mistake. Sorry, everyone.

"A bestial fiend hidden in a woman's sensuous body!"

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