Friday, May 31, 2013

Site Alert - IndieFlix

There are thousands of brilliant filmmakers out there. Netflix, Amazon, iTunes - all these services offer us ways to view the latest (and classic) cinematic offerings. However, it can be hard, or downright impossible, to discover new talent, new voices, and new visionaries through services like the aforementioned ones. For those of us interested to see what independent filmmakers are working on - what our peers are working on - the options have been scattered and few. Until now.

IndieFlix is a new, subscription-based streaming service that focuses entirely on independent cinema. Founded by filmmakers, the site allows users to search for films to view by genre, length, country, even by what festivals they've shown in. Check out the offerings for yourself and see what catches your eye. 

The site isn't solely concerned with garnering a film viewers. This is, after all, a business. To that, Indieflix has a unique Royalty payment system called RPM - Royalty Pool Minutes - to share the money made through subscriptions with the filmmakers themselves. Every minute you watch helps fund more independent films. And you can stream on platforms you're already using; IndieFlix already has apps on Roku and xBox.

As a special promotion, The Screenwriters League is giving away 10 2-month subscriptions for our readers. First come, first serve - just email if you'd like to give IndieFlix a try.

So get out there and treat yourself to an immersive experience in the world of independent cinema.