Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trailer Trash XXVI: Operation Kid Brother (1967)

"Neil Connery is too much!"

Can't afford an A-list actor for your B-grade film? Well, maybe they have a younger sibling? That's just as good, right? I mean, no less than sixteen Baldwins have built their career on that concept alone.

Sean Connery's little bro Neil plays Dr. Neil Connery (in a brilliant stroke of character naming) in this z-grade James Bond knockoff. Most of the cast is made up of actors from previous Bond movies, which lends a tiny shred of credibility to the whole shebang.

At 0:08 - "Neil Connery... is not as good as his brother." (Sorry, cheap shot.)
At 0:20 - "Neil Connery... beats the hell out of everybody!"
At 0:29 - "Daniela Bianchi... can do much better than Neil Connery!"
At 0:40 - If you're not paying attention, rewind right here and listen to the lyrics to this song. They're amazing.
At 0:45 - Hellloooo, nurse.
At 0:50 - Beauty is subjective, apparently.
At 0:55 - Hellloooo, evil nurse.
At 1:05 - Hellloooo, circus nurse.
At 1:37 - Is that some kind of clown boat?
At 1:42 - Ceiling guns = ally of ceiling cat?
At 1:47 - Syd Barret-vision: ON!

"Too much... for one mother!"

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Cake Man said...

Is this a real trailer for a real movie? Either way, I don't think that they were too concerned about "plot" or "character development" when making this one. Zombie, one of these days, you're just going to edit something together from various 70s TV shows and movies you find on youtube, and no one will have any idea.

Zombie said...

Oh, this isn't even CLOSE to the worst trailers I've dug up. Stay tuned, Cake-o.