Friday, February 13, 2009

The Writing Wire for 2/13:

Cleaning out the old linkbox...

- Writer/director Henry Selick talks with FirstShowing about collaborating with Neil Gaiman on the Coraline screenplay.

- The loss of Kim's Video isn't the only sad closing to hit NYC; it looks like the Sound Fix Lounge will also be shutting its doors soon. They're a wonderful little bar/music venue/reading space that's the basis of the opening scene of a spec script I just started. I'm sad to see them go.

- Thanks to Go Into the Story for bringing this funny comparison between Forrest Gump and Benjamin Button (both written by Eric Roth) to our attention. In case you haven't read it: Cake Man's got his official review over here.

- Complications Ensue advises how to keep the budget of your spec pilot script low. (Who'd have thought cats were so expensive?)

- The Onion AV Club asks the important question: What if Celebrity Nudity picked 2009's Oscar winners?

- Cinematical's got the casting scoop on the upcoming (sure to be EXTREMELY bizarre) David Lynch / Werner Herzog film.

- There are a hell of a lot of zombie movies coming soon.

- Screenwriter Denis McGrath gives his take on the Facebook 25 Random Things meme that's been going around. (I've yet to succumb to this one...)

- Speaking of Facebook? You can now be our fan!

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