Wednesday, December 03, 2008

WENDY AND LUCY screenings at Film Forum - followed by Q&A with filmmaker Kelly Reichardt and star Michelle Williams

This is easily my most-anticipated new film in December, and I was really sad to have missed seeing it at the NYFF. I'm an unabashed Will Oldham fan, which led me to renting Reichardt's Old Joy, which he starred in. Saying the "plot" of the film was simple would be an understatement - two men go camping in the woods, talk a while, and then return. But that simplicity was beautiful - Reichardt brought out more depth in those two characters than most filmmakers bother bringing to a more action-packed film. I loved it. Wendy and Lucy seems to be similarly simple - about a woman and her dog on a road trip to Alaska that - I can't wait to see the magic she works with such a bare canvas.

The movie will open at Film Forum next week. Director Kelly Reichardt and star Michelle Williams will be in attendance for the 8:00 shows on Wednesday, December 10th and Friday, December 12th.

Tickets are available day-of at the box office only. Details are available here.

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Cake Man said...

Old Joy was great, an unexpected beauty, if you ask me. I also think that a lot of friends (not just male friends, though certainly guys indeed) can relate to the relationship between the two characters. One is more subservient/self-conscious, the other is sort of his rock. Yet they need one another equally. The relationship built between these two (all pretty much off-screen and before the picture starts) is filled with depth and warmth. A real knock out.