Thursday, September 25, 2008

Go ahead, judge a book by its cover. Please.

This is pretty neat:
As part the first year of Hearts & Minds, Creativity partnered with Penguin Books on a talent contest, asking artists of all types to conceive a cover design for one of the publisher's upcoming titles. Penguin, as you may know, appeared in our Creative Marketers report last year, for bringing an updated art-driven aesthetic to its book covers. Notably, its Graphic Classics have become veritable collectors items, with cover art reimagined by contemporary artists like Frank Miller, Tomer Hanuka, Roz Chast and Art Spiegelman.

Penguin and Sam Taylor, author of The Amnesiac, kindly offered up Taylor's upcoming novel The Island at the End of the World as the foundation of our competition. Designers, illustrators, painters and photographers contributed more than 300 ideas for the cover design of Taylor's new book, and a jury comprised of Penguin editor Alexis Washam, creative director Paul Buckley and Creativity editors selected the 25 finalists presented here.
Click here to view the other 24 finalists. I've posted my favorite up top.

Also, here's an item about the best covers of 2007, from The New York Times.

And just to personalize things a tad, here are a few of my favorite book covers, off the top of my head:

What are some of your favorite book covers? What makes them great? Feel free to include links to the images.

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Zombie said...

I've actually always hated that Catcher in the Rye cover. Could they possibly make it look any more like a sterile school textbook?

king suckerman said...

I always liked how minimalistic it was. But I see what you mean.

Zombie said...

I know this is like criticizing the cover of the White Album, but maybe it's just the rainbow that makes it look so much like it should come with a matching workbook with bubble-in answers.

king suckerman said...

Maybe you just hate rainbows and/or joy, Zombie?

Zombie said...

Just saw this cover at The Strand today. It's got a pony! NOW I'm interested...