Friday, May 09, 2008


I want to re-comment on my last post -- I've been thinking about what I wrote about art being dead all night -- and I just want to give the reader the context of my thoughts...but I'll be brief!!!

Last week I watched the Czech movie Lunacy dir by Jan Svankmajer -- in the beginning Mr. Svankmajer speaks directly to the audience telling us that his movie is a horror film with no redeemable qualities, but that's OK because "art is dead."

While Lunacy employs grotesque stop-motion and blasphemy towards the church -- it was quite a story! (Don't eat while you watch it! Ick) I was disappointed Mr. Svankmajer devalued his own creation.

On the flip side of art being dead, I watched the FANTASTIC anime movie yesterday Tekon Kinkrette, dir. by Michael Arias -- this movie is so on par with the time we live in, that it inspired me to write that angry post mainly in response to Mr. Svankmajer's words.

Anime film / TV proves, in my opinion that art cannot be dead but is very much alive within the computer programs that create it. I compare anime movies of today to the Impressionist paintings of the 19/20th century -- they were not appreciated by the majority then for their beauty, but just wait -- they will be because they are amazing.

OK, I'm done for now. Hope that wasn't too lame. I really like philosophy, but I write comedy much better.

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