Thursday, May 08, 2008

People I Hate, no Loathe.

I hate people who say, "art is dead." I also hate people who say, "the earth is dying." This post is only about those who say art's dead -- but fuck you pessimistic earth lovers. Thank God every single one of you will be in the rotting ground before you know how that story ends.

As for those who believe art is dead or just wriggling in capitalistic oxygen like a suffocating goldfish, let me agree with you on one issue -- it takes a shit ton of blood money and marketing and evil product placement to make a movie.

But if a movie isn't live art, if Murakami's Van Deutch bags aren't either, then what is "live" art? Kant's definition of pure art, "A Priori", is not live either -- Art is only pure when it comes out of a writer's head, and artist's hands, a poet's soul. And you know what that purest state is called? A FIRST DRAFT. We go back, we revise, we make our art WORK for our impure fucking, dying world. The purity of us as sole creators gets lost along the way.

Live art comes and goes with time like the fucking tide. The Theatre died when Greece fell, (Shakespeare was an isolated Renaissance), the novel reached it's height with Jane Austin and Flaubert, (sorry for the western view here) TV's going to give way to the Internet, and (gasp!) League of Screenwriters, you're a dying breed too. Fuck $12 movies. I watch you for free on the web.

We move forward, there's no going back, OK? So art is not dead, it's just changed. It's changing. But it'll never be dead. You still put on plays, you'll still watch movies on a Friday night, kids will always be taught to finger paint and write poems. But the 21st century brings new art. it's not better or worse. It's the now.

Fuck you reactionary, pessimists. Art lives!

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