Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Resource Alert - Job Search Tools

Everyone wants to work from home. Especially writers. I sure as hell do. That's the end goal, isn't it? Sell a script and spend your day working in your pajamas while everyone else drives, trains, or treks to the office. Enjoy your lunch in front of the tv. Maybe cast off those nagging pants when it gets too hot and work commando. Hey, you're your own boss. You can do what you want. 

Well, until the dream becomes a reality, we aspiring writers must earn our keep some other way. If you're like me, that means a 9 to 5 (hopefully one that truly ends at 5 and allows you the time you need to write each day). However, there's a rise in the number of sites designed to help freelancers secure remote and telecommute work, so I figured I would share a few with you here, which I've come across in my searches. Granted, there are always the job-hunt search sites, the Monsters and Indeeds and Craigs lists and Jobs Radars of the world, but these are tailored to contractors with specialties. Many of the sites require employers to pay directly through the site, and all users can be flagged and vetted, decreasing the chances that the ad you're clicking on will infect your computer - your LIVELIHOOD - with some evil virus. 

People always need writing and writers. Sign up (most of the following are free, and the sites add 10% to your fee, which they take, rather than extracting the fees from your income), create your profile, list your specialties, and see if you can cobble some work together. And i fyou have leads to other sites you've found helpful, please share them with us, and we'll update the below. Happy hunting.


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