Thursday, August 20, 2009

Picking Sides

T minus two days until the first round of auditions. We've got a very promising selection of actresses coming in Saturday morning/afternoon, and we hope to come out of the day with our two female leads. Co-prod's Bob and Kennon will be in the room with me, and I'm eager to see how the actors interpret my characters.

Before going into the auditions I combed through my script for more than an hour looking for sides to provide the actors with when they came in. (These are what the actors read from at the audition.) I never would have guessed how hard it'd be to find two pages that really represented the whole of a character... I'm not sure if it's a help or a hindrance that I only had three characters that made up the bulk of the dialogue in the screenplay.

I ended up going with the opening pages of the script. If this is where I introduce the character to the audience, this should make a good introduction for the actors, right? Let's hope.

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Joe said...


Having had my fair share of experience reading sides, I think you'll find that it's more important what the actors do with the text on the page, not necessarily the text itself. By the end of the day, you'll have heard the material about 100 different ways, so you'll see what I mean. Good luck! Exciting!