Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trailer Trash XLVII: Strange Behavior (1981)

"Straaaaaaaaaaange Behaviooooooor... a movie of mystery, horror, and suspense!"

Even good writers can write bad movies. Bill Condon won an Academy Award for his Gods and Monsters script in 1999; he would later receive another nomination for his adaptation of Chicago. This is the same guy who wrote Kinsey and Dreamgirls, which were certainly nothing to sneeze at. But let's look back two decades, all the way to a year known as 1981... What was Condon up to?

A barely-comprehensible little flick called Strange Behavior.

The trailer makes about as much sense as the movie itself, if you're wondering.

Fellow young writers: you know that weird little horror/sci-fi script you're working on now? There's a good chance it'll look pretty embarrassing in 20 years, when you're accepting an Oscar for your heartbreaking drama.

Trailer Trash is a weekly tribute to oddball, cheesy and often just plain terrible movie trailers. Writers: These movies got made... so can yours! You can read through our archive by clicking here.

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