Saturday, May 09, 2009

Trailer Trash XLVI: The Giant Gila Monster (1959)

"It all started like an ordinary record hop... had the only known the black monster waiting outside..."

Oh, do I love me a good ol' record hop!

Back in the days before CGI, if you wanted to stick Nicolas Cage's head into a basket full of bees, you either had to get creative or find yourself a basket of bees. If you needed a giant monster, however, you just needed to find a regular-sized critter and drop it onto a pile of Hot Wheels. Splice that into some footage of people standing next to cars, pointing at the sky and screaming, and boom! You've got yourself a movie.

Oh, no! Mighty Max, look out!

Not the Micro Machines! Anything but the Microooo Machiiiiiiines!!!!

"Devouring people... like they were flies!"

Trailer Trash is a weekly tribute to oddball, cheesy and often just plain terrible movie trailers. Writers: These movies got made... so can yours! You can read through our archive by clicking here.

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