Sunday, May 03, 2009

Trailer Trash XLV: Frogs (1972)

"Today, the pond... Tomorrow, the world!"

There's too much pollution! Nature fights back! Hollywood had already run out of ideas by 1972!

My favorite thing about this trailer is how it's practically all shots of people looking at harmless-looking critters and screaming their lungs out. Aaaaagh!! It's a toad! It's over there! On the bookshelf! AUUUGGGH IT'S KILLING MEEEEEEEEE

Really, this is more of the "Same shit, different animal" variety of films that brought us films like The Birds, Squirm, Night of a Thousand Cats and about a million other animals-strike-back movies. This time it's frogs. (And birds, and snakes, and spiders... they couldn't even stick to the movie's title all that well.)

Take a second, long look at that poster. At first glance, most people (myself included) assume that we're looking at a giant frog, judging by the human hand hanging out of it's mouth. But, notice those blades of grass next to the frog? Yes, that's just a normal frog, eating the world's tiniest human.

"What if nature threw a war, and all the animals came?"

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Sara said...

That is beyond terrible. It doesn't even look like they were allowed re-takes.

Anonymous said...

None of those movies ever achieved the greatness that was Willard.