Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tribeca Film Festival Begins Today!

That's right! One of New York's best and most widely known film festivals - the Tribeca Film Festival - opened today. you can check out information on all screenings, filmmakers, venues, and anything else festival related here.

I personally really enjoy the Tribeca Festival. i was first really introduced to it about four years ago when I was an intern at a studio here in NYC. I think I saw something like 13 movies in eight days for work over the course of the festival. While the festival has, in recent years, expanded to include screenings virtually all over Manhattan, my favorite part of the week plus long festival is trekking down to sunny Tribeca. It's a part of the City that I don't often get down to, but I always find it beautiful and refreshing when I'm down there. If you're in NYC and love film, I really recommend trying to make it out to a few screenings (especially if they're down in grassy Tribeca).

Anyway, we're gearing up here to try and catch a handful of the films. Enough about us, though, what are you seeing and, more importantly, what do you think of what you watched? Email us at to let us know, and we'll convey your thoughts.

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