Saturday, April 04, 2009

Trailer Trash XLI: Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971)

"Warning! The sexual transformation of a man into a woman will actually take place before your very eyes!"

Why are there so many horrible, b-movie takes on Dr. Jekyll? It's a favorite sub-sub-sub-genre of mine here on Trailer Trash, and you can go back and check out my entries on the classic schlocker Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde, or the even worse Daughter of Dr. Jekyll. Is it because they're not all that hard to come up with? You really only need to fill in one little piece of the equation:

Dr. Jekyll + potion = ______.

Just fill in your noun of choice. That blank spot can really be whatever you want. You could choose, say... "monster". But you wouldn't be very creative. Or "cat". Then you'd have a movie about a guy who turns into a cat. A pretty kick-ass choice would be "dinosaur" or "cyborg". Hell, even "kickboxer" would be sweet. If you filled in the blank with the word "unicorn", well, thank you for reading my blog, little girl.

See? It's easy!

In most b-movies of the 1970s, directors would choose to fill that blank with the words "black man". But not today's movie. Today's feature is about a doctor who takes a dangerous, experimental potion that turns him into a woman.

So shocking it's rated PG!

You've got to love a movie poster that tells you EXACTLY what you're going to see in the film:

For those of you whose clicking-fingers are broken and can't blow up the movie poster to read it, here's the text. (I'm guessing you can already read the word "shock"):
"This film is filled with SHOCK... victim after victim dies in throat-cutting orgy! After SHOCK... unnatural laboratory experiments performed behind barred doors! After SHOCK... once again he will change sexes and kill, kill, kill!"
Until next week, kids!

"You will deny... what you see... but you will never be sure... when you see... Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde!"

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