Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Writing Wire for 3/11: Hamartia, Screenwriter's Block, Lesbian Vampire Killers, Boob, Eerie Horror Fest, Cheap Two-year-olds

- Do you know your what protagonist's hamartia is? Or even what hamartia is at all? Unknown Screenwriter can fill you in.

- Does 'Screenwriter's Block" exist? The WGGB doesn't seem to think so. Danny Stack gives his take.

- Film School Rejects gives a run-down of must-see indie movies playing at this year's South by Southwest Festival. There are plenty of movies I'm interested in checking out - the list includes movies titled Lesbian Vampire Killers and Make-Out with Violence. NOW you're clicking. (Also, the trailer for SXSW short Boob. Has to be seen to be believed.)

- MTV Movies Blog has an interview with Jonathan Demme about not making Rachel Getting Married "too entertaining." The movie (one of my favorites of 2008) hit DVD this week, so add it to your Netflix queue if you've been lagging.

- A 3-D Re-Animator movie?! Only if Jeffrey Combs is involved.

- Wes Craven talks to the Onion about remaking his horror classics The Hills Have Eyes and Last House on the Left three decades later.

- Speaking of horror movies: the Eerie Horror Fest has opened their call for entries for the 2009 Horror Screenplay competition.

- In an open letter to Hardcore Nerdity, Watchmen screenwriter David Hayter asks fans to see the movie again.

- John Woo is shooting a Stranglehold movie as a followup to his classic Hard Boiled. The movie will be a remake of a videogame that was a sequel to a movie. I know that blew Cake Man's mind already.

- In non-movie news, there's a two-year-old girl for sale on Xbox Live. (Thanks, Lokor!)

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