Saturday, March 07, 2009

Trailer Trash XXXVII: Clownhouse (1988)

"The clowns... The clowns, Randy... they're here..."

Fear of clowns is a pretty common phenomena that can be easily explained: clowns are f***ing scary. Clownhouse is a movie that UNDERSTANDS that. If you want to scare someone, you don't necessarily need a good script, believable actors or haunting set pieces. All you need is clowns.

Everyone falls into one of these four categories: 1) People who don't mind clowns, but don't seek them out. 2) People who would rather be dead than be locked in a room with a clown. 3) Juggalos. 4) Clowns.

Which one are you?

"All this clowning around is about to come to an end!"

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