Thursday, January 08, 2009

What, When, Where this Weekend - The Unborn, Bride Wars, Just Another Love Story

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- Film Forum is screening a new print of Godard's classic Made in U.S.A.

Opening this weekend...

THE UNBORN, written and directed by David S. Goyer

Premise: Haunted by strange dreams and recurring ghostly visions, Casey Beldon turns to a spiritual advisor for help. Together, they learn that Casey had a twin brother who never made it to term, and that her intended sibling is tied to a curse that requires Casey's death in order to manifest itself in our world.

Playing: Everywhere.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sold by the poster right off the bat. But, it's written by David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight, Dark City, Kickboxer 2) which gives me a little hope. It looks creepy from the trailer. But, the PG-13 rating worries me. (Has there been a good PG-13 Hollywood horror flick since The Ring?)

This is one of those movies I'm a complete sucker for - I really, really want it to be good.

BRIDE WARS, written by Greg DePaul and Casey Wilson, dir. by Gary Winick

Premise: Two best friends become rivals when a clerical error results in their respective weddings being held at the same place ... on the same day.

Playing: Everywhere.

Anne Hathaway could potentially be up for an Oscar for Rachel Getting Married while doing the publicity rounds for this movie. I can't say I have any interest in this one, but I expect Cake Man will be lining up for the midnight showing.

JUST ANOTHER LOVE STORY, written and directed by Ole Bornedal

Premise: JUST ANOTHER LOVE STORY is about Jonas, a likeable but world-weary husband with a wife and two kids who lives in a leafy suburb and whose life takes an unexpected twist when he inadvertently if at all causes Julia to crash her car and go into a coma. When Julia comes out of her coma her memory has vanished. Via a grotesque mix-up she and her nearest and dearest believe that when Jonas pops into the hospital to see how she is, he is in fact Sebastian, her exotic new boyfriend, whom they had all been expecting to fly in from abroad. Jonas assumes Sebastians identity and pretends to be the man Julia believes is the love of her life: a brand new identity, a brand new life, and an untrammeled existence full of promise opens up to Jonas. But real life can't be lived on fantasy and exotic dreams, and one day the truth comes knocking at the door.

Playing: Cinema Village

The plot description (ganked from IMDB) doesn't make this Danish film sound remotely as interesting as the Time Out New York review does. No mention at all of corpses or morgues - and it sounds like this film is chock full of 'em!

What are you doing/seeing this weekend?


Cake Man said...

RE: The Unborn - sounds interesting. Nice poster, the perv in me would see the movie just for that. But since the rest of me wins that battle nearly all the time, I have to say the premise sounds a bit interesting, but not enough so for me to line up opening night. Let's see what everyone else has to say about this one.

RE: Anne Hathaway - you'll all be invited to our wedding.

RE: Just Another Love Story - gotta say, I don't like this logline much. Who is Julia? A "husband with a wife..." that's redundant. Just say he's a man with a wife and two kids. Kind of neat concept, though, but at the moment, if this was all I knew about it, I think I'd wait for good reviews to catch this on DVD.

Onyx said...

Ok, that is a great poster. I mean, really great. But I have a big issue with this movie and I'm dying to know how they explain it. The antagonist is the twin that died at birth, but for some reason twenty something years later it is terrorizing people in six year old form. Doesn't that baffle anybody else!? Does evil age slower? And how does a dead infant have any concept of good or bad? I just can't go with it.

And then Anne Hatheway. There's something so creepy about her. Doesn't she look like she's...dead inside or something? Like she doesn't have a soul. She could very well be a vampire. Look how pale her face is. Trust me Cake Man. Stay away from her.

Joe said...

Onyx has a point. I think it would much more terrifying if a six-week old fetus was terrorizing the protagonist. If she ended up killing it at the end, is that akin to giving her mom an abortion?