Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Writing Wire for 12/11: Writing habits, new Marquez and Tomei's inspiration

I'm awake, I'm awake. Let's hop to it, shall we?

• IO9 on fun, post-apocalyptic novels. The site also takes a peek at the writing habits of some noted sci fi novelists.

• asks: Do you use a Thesaurus while writing?

• Marisa Tomei studied for her stripper role in The Wrestler by...watching Rock of Love? No matter. Our very own Cake Man reviews the film.

• Ugh. Is anyone else as sick of James Frey as I am?

L.A. Times' Jacket Copy blog has more on writing routines.

• According to MediaBistro, Gabriel Garcia Marquez is working on a new book. For realz.

• This may only interest me, but Wire's Underwire blog has an interview with authorized Star Trek historian/techie Michael Okuda. Yeah, we're Facebook friends. Jealous? In another Trek-tidbit, Gene Roddenberry's widow Majel Barrett-Roddenberry will reprise her role as the voice of the Enterprise computer in J.J. Abrams' new film.

• Oliver Stone is making a Hugo Chavez movie? So sayeth NY Mag's Vulture blog. Additionally, the blog reveals that the New York Film Critics' Awards tabbed Milk as 'Best Picture'. Hooray for happy Sean Penn movies.

• Weird shit of the moment: Um, Fran Drescher for U.S. Senate?

• Two upcoming Scorscese/DeNiro movies? Yes, please.

• You probably blinked and missed this, but Blur is reuniting.

• Gothamist is reporting that SoHo's OHIO Theatre is closing.

• Today's quote of the day, from writer Brian K. Vaughan, via IO9:

"I usually dream up a dozen or so profoundly stupid 'high concepts' for stories every day. When one is so bad that I can't seem to shake it after a few weeks, it usually means I have no choice but to write about it, often because that lame high concept is a way for me to explore something that makes me confused or furious about the world." — Brian K. Vaughan, writer for Lost and creator of Y The Last Man, interviewed in Esquire.


Cake Man said...

It's an undeniable fact that Marissa Tomei has a great body. She's shown it a lot in her two most recent roles (or at least those two that I've seen). Yet, her "comeback" if you want to call it that isn't simply because she's willing to strip in front of the camera. It's because she's got the talent to go with it, and in fact, can probably stop stripping down for the camera now that she's re-established herself as the talent many people might have forgotten she was.


king suckerman said...

I don't think she's ever left. I think a lot of people take her for granted, thinking she was only in My Cousin Vinny. She's consistently good in every film. In The Bedroom, Before The Devil Knows You're Dead, Chaplin and her stint on FX's Rescue Me.

As for showing skin, her first real nude scene was in Before The Devil Knows You're Dead, which came out maybe a year or two ago. She's, I guess comparatively, pretty picky when it comes to doffing her clothes.

Cake Man said...

She's picky, but considering she hasn't done a lot of widely known film work since Vinny, I think it's safe to say that she's jump-starting that bit of her career now. The fact that she got as much talk for her body as for her acting in Devil leads me to at least suspect that she's not afriad to consider a solid role that involves nudity right now, if it means getting on the screen again. I could be completely wrong about that. She's a brave and talented actress. I just wonder if there's anything to the fact that her two most recent roles both required her to strip down.

king suckerman said...

I don't think she shies away from mainstream film fare, though. She's done stuff like Wild Hogs, Untamed Heart and guest spots on The Simpsons...I think she's in the public view, people just tab her as "that girl from My Cousin Vinny."

I see what you mean, though. I can't imagine her having any trouble finding meaty roles, though. She seems content with supporting duties if the part is juicy enough.