Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Writing Wire for 12/10: Move to Minnesota, write a romantic comedy

- Ken Levine blogs about the best new way to sell your spec script: move to Minnesota.

- Living the Romantic Comedy recently posted a great piece on current genre trends and tips on avoid the recent cliches of romantic comedies in your scripts.

- Former Trailer Trash spotlight and shitty movie from the future Fast and Furious has been moved from a summer release to April 2009, usually a sign that the studio thinks it's a turd. You can check out my analysis (and ripping apart) of the trailer over here.

- Alex Cox is working on a Repo Man sequel?? Awesome, but... where were you like, 20 years ago?

- Tween vampire flick Twilight is given the puppet treatment over at Slashfilm.

- WIRED posts their list of the 20 worst TV and film duds of 2008.

- I finally get around to linking to FreeWilliamsburg's excellent December movie preview. Better a week late than never, they say!

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Erica said...

No one should move to Minnesota for any reason.