Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quick, Cool Page vs. Screen link

Kid Sis has posted a scene from her film, The Commune, along with the pages of the script for comparison.
Thought some of you screenwriters out there might want to see my journey from page to screen. Even when you direct your own work, things change onset due to budget, time, and reality. Cuz real life is a bitch; not nearly as malleable as imaginaryland.

It's worth checking out - especially for those of us who have or are thinking of shooting their scripts themselves. Her quick explanation of what worked and didn't work onscreen vs. the script is interesting.

The full post is here.


Mystery Man said...

Fabulous blog, guys.

I've added you to my sidebar and will be periodically checking in.

Be well,

Kid Sis said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments; glad to know the post was helpful!


Zombie said...

Part two posted here: