Monday, September 08, 2008

Literary agent opens up blog to authors to share their experience

Pretty interesting post, from MediaBistro's GalleyCat book blog:

Earlier this year, GalleyCat explained how science-fiction author John Scalzi was opening up his blog to guest essayists for a series of posts called "The Big Idea." Here's another iteration of that basic concept: Literary agent Jenny Rappaport is devoting a portion of her blog, Lit Soup, to "Book Blocks," which she describes as short pieces in which authors can discuss one of the "building blocks" of their upcoming book: "the characters, the plot, the theme, the actual writing structure, the idea behind the novel (or non-fiction work), the worldbuilding, etc."

Worth keeping an eye on, no matter how creepy that photo is.

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Zombie said...

I've added the RSS to my reader. Thanks for the heads-up.