Monday, August 11, 2008

The Writing Week part 32

It’s amazing how much a group can push an individual to be the best possible. As Onyx mentioned in his latest, good cause for a drink post, we had another meeting last week. He went in thinking things in his script were in order. As did I. As, maybe, did DOA. We all got more than we had expected in the notes department. Due to that, I left the meeting very impressed by the League. While our scripts are all far and above what they would have been after two drafts just a few years ago, we’re still forcing one another onward, not allowing each other to settle for “OK” when our material has the potential to be great.

There we were, expecting probably a much higher ratio of pats on the back and golden stars to wagging fingers of shame (I actually did wag my finger in shame at DOA for something). However, we all were told that: this doesn’t work, why would you do this, this character’s actions don’t make sense, and this needs to be answered. Perhaps I’m being a bit stubborn, but I actually don’t plan on changing too much at this point. Backer and Blades on the Brain raised some important issues – Blades had a few critical things that need clarity. For the most part, though, the points brought up about my script require little more than a tweak here or there. Onyx had a good idea for replacement of a scene, which I’ll do, and there are a few lines that will clarify other important beats greatly. As a whole, though, the script is much farther along than it had been, and I think it’s ready to be shown the light of day.

I’m actually pretty excited. Zombie and I are gearing up to do a big round of query letter (and email) sending. He’s done one burst in the past, but I am new to it. The plan, I believe, is to test the waters with about a dozen (or more) emails to companies that accept queries that way, see what drops, and then do the snail mail round. Frankly, I’m arguing for this because it’s cheaper (i.e. free), and probably no less effective – though it is easier to bury an email, I would think. Though we’re going to query as many people as possible (within reason), I’ll be focusing primarily on people who have done a lot within the action genre, since that’s what I have at the moment. We’ve set a deadline of sending out by September 1st, more so because we’re just so busy and this will help ensure that we do it soon than for any other reason. We’ll let you know how it goes, for sure.

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