Friday, August 22, 2008

Trailer Trash VIII: The Video Dead (1987)

"Don't you find it a little creepy, living in the murder-house?"

Watching this trailer, you have to wonder if the makers of the original "The Ring" saw this, with all of the scenes of monsters crawling out of televisions? I can't imagine this would have ever been exported to Japan, though, but who knows. I'm sure Japan appreciates stupid as much as we do.

The movie itself is just as bad as it looks in the trailer. A demonic TV is delivered to a house - it only shows a gory zombie movie when it's turned on, and if you leave it on too long the colorful cast of zombies will come out of the TV and after you. The zombie bride is probably my favorite, though there's no explanation of why she's wearing a wedding dress.

I'm going to give away a few spoilers here, because the ending is so priceless that it's worth mentioning. A few teenagers, trapped by the zombies at the very end of the movie, throw a dance party to show the zombies they're not afraid of them. The zombies, dismayed by the teenagers' lack of fear, give up their rampage and go back into the TV. Yes, that's really how the movie ends. I haven't seen this movie since I was maybe 13, but the ridiculous ending remains burned into my memory.

Favorite moments:

At 0:40- No, no - don't open the washing machine! AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!
At 1:05- Zombie David Bowie?

"[It] may change the way you feel about your televison... forever!"

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DOA said...

Personally though, if I came back as an undead hungry for brains, I'm sure a dance party would kill my appetite, and convince me to go back to my quiet TV set so I can read a book where no rambunctious youths are blasting music.