Sunday, August 03, 2008

Trailer Trash V: Viking Women and the Sea Serpent (1957)

The title alone gives you the clue that this will be one of those cheesecake movies teenage males would go see before Hollywood could openly advertise that a movie had no other purpose than gratuitous cleavage shots.

The trailer is rife with sexual innuendo (the description of how gi-normous the sea serpent is enough to elicit a few immature giggles), but it features probably one of my favorite narrator lines. At about 42 seconds in:

"Turning them over to men who take pursuit in violent pleasures, pleasures that must end in the the thrust of a spear into warm flesh."

Whoa. How did THAT line ever get past censors? Is it even possible for them to not mean what I think they mean?

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DOA said...

Your introduction must have some effect on me, since 10 seconds in to the trailer, I (mis)read "Of the Beautiful...the Brave...The Unbelievable Cleavages..."........