Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Writing Week part 28

This has been another week of re-writes. Some major, others not. But re-writes, nonetheless. And, I'll tell you, it feels good. Knock on wood, but I think this round of re-writes is going well. I'm feeling very good about them. I think I'm making some solid, strong changes, without compromising the strengths of the script so far.

It's a bit of a strange feeling for me, actually. Normally, I hate re-writes, as I'm sure you've gathered. But this time, I'm actually very excited about them. I think I've just gotten myself to the point where I can recognize the problems within my script (this is the post-Apocalyptic spec), and am eager to iron them out. For the most part, I think that's what I've been doing. Frankly, I've never been so excited about re-writes, so it's actually quite refreshing. I feel that I can see the script improving before me as I work on it. Though I know we tend to focus on page numbers a lot on this blog, they do matter (to a degree), and I've also been seeing those drop off. Onyx and Zombie have both told me that my script is a solid 105 page adventure. As it stands, though, it was at 112 before I began reworking it. Now, it's down to 107 - shedding weight like a beauty queen.

All told, though, I am very pleased with the direction it's taking. The content itself is really not changing a whole lot, which goes back to something I believe I posted here, and something I know I've talked with the other Leaguers about; the quality of our first drafts has improved dramatically. When we were still in school, even seniors in college, our first drafts were barely competent, could hardly stand on their own. Now, though, everyone in the League is turning out very strong, solidly built first drafts. I think this is a combination of both experience writing, but also of the level of feedback we've been giving one another. Without other writers prodding us on, forcing us to ask the major questions about our work, I don't think we'd be quite where we are now.

Anyway, I hope to have the re-write done soon. Yes, we hope to get good responses from the competitions in the next month or so. Beyond that, though, I'm just also excited to have this "done." It's finally fun again, and I'm enjoying working on it again, and I can only hope that it leads to continued interest in other scripts, either re-writes, too, or new.

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