Thursday, July 03, 2008

War Drums

It’s The League versus 3,860 other writers. We’re like the 300 Spartans, only in real time and not quite as ripped.

The PAGE International Screenwriting Awards ( has posted a “Map Of Submissions” –or something to that effect—on its website, a world map complete with a little flag planted in every country that a submission came from this year. Onyx and DOA have been the two who most explored the competition circuits in the past, and the last one Onyx entered saw something like 976 submissions. According to PAGE, that’s how many came from California alone this time.

I did the math (because I'm a nerd), and we comprise roughly .136% of the applicants. This is it. One month from now, we’ll get the first round of results. From there, it’s another two months of waiting for the final winners list. The line is drawn. Five versus 3,860.

Who will be left standing?

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Onyx Enforcer said...

I don't want to be Spartans. I hear they had sex with each other to strengthen their bond as a military unit. Let's be the forty seven ronin instead. They were bad ass and didn't get it on with each other.