Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Writing Week part 15

It’s been an interesting week, I’ll say that for sure. I finished act one and, upon rereading it, discovered that I was mostly pleased with it. There was a beat that was missing at one point, and a little bit of dialogue that wasn’t working for me. But as a whole, I was happy with the product. Sure, it’ll probably get changed once I shine the light of the League’s opinions on it, but for now, it works. There’s not really anything I have to change before moving forward with act two. It reads quickly yet effectively, I think. And, perhaps most importantly right now, it’s still fun to write. So that’s good.

But not everything this week was good. I managed to let one person put a huge damper on a fun night I was having Saturday. We were hosting a party, and someone I’d hoped would come cancelled last minute. I don’t know why exactly, but I used that as an excuse to disappear for the rest of the night and check out early. When I woke up on Sunday, I was back in that mindset where I seek shelter in my scripts and those worlds. I wanted to escape there again, and felt another brick added to the wall I’m building between myself and the real world.

And the real world has started seeping into the League more and more recently. We’ve been going through some changes, which I’m sure will be discussed later. But they involve bringing new people in, and old people possibly leaving. Careers and paths are changing, apartments are being found and lost, and romantic relationships are either progressing or regressing. There is a lot going on now; we all feel a strong wind of change blowing through the League watchtower right now, and while there’s little more we can do than ride it out, it is at times unsettling. Not so much because we will be unable to cope with the changes—no mater what, we’ll remain “the League” in spirit if nothing else—but because we’re reminded of how quickly and how dramatically things can and do change.

The important thing, I guess, for me to do is keep writing. In fact, I’m sure writing will become a refuge for me. When everything is changing and people are coming and going, the writing will be constant, unwavering, safe.

You have no idea how much I hope that’s true…

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