Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fare thee well, LoKor

As you can tell from both what we've said and the aesthetic and content-based changes we've made to the site recently, The League is undergoing a period of great change. Most of that change is good, for the best. However, some of it was also unwanted and sad, albeit predictable.

LoKor, after being there in the beginning and helping to create The League, has left the group. While I won't go into much detail on why here, as I'm sure if he wants to, he will do so, I will say that he has gone on to pursue something else, career-wise, which he is much more invested in at the moment. Though those of us still in the League do not want to give up trying to write professionally, we understand that one's heart must be in it 100% to do that. LoKor's just wasn't anymore, and we, as his friends and fellow Leaguers, understood that.

LoKor, we'll avenge you if it's the last thing we do. Writers Block will pay for this!

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