Thursday, April 24, 2008

Brain Cell Rubbing

I like seeing my friends ponder, so occasionally I throw questions that require some deep thoughts at them. Such as near graduation, I asked several close friends if they can choose for one to be true, which would it be: to be guaranteed a job right then and there, or for Batman to be real. The follow up question to that is, if your girlfriend/boyfriend cheated on you with Batman, could you, with a clear conscious, be mad at them? (You can replace Batman with Superman.)

The most recent question is who would you rather be: Neil Gaiman or Hugh Laurie.

The race is pretty close, but so far Neil Gaiman is winning. My favorite reason for this “because Hugh Laurie has to live in LA”.


Zombie said...

What if I want to be Neil Laurie, from Hackensack, NJ?

DOA said...

That'd be totally cheating. Especially if you look more like Hugh Laurie.