Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The New York Times has been pretty good with their post-writer's strike coverage. I've found two articles particularly interesting:

Who Won the Writer's Strike?


Agencies See a Window to Alter the Business of Television.

And of course, if you're wondering how your favorite shows will be affected...

Some interesting points are made in both articles, and I think it's only responsible that writers, while essentially getting what they were seeking from the strike, understand that they've altered their working landscape for what could end up being a very long time.


I've applied to graduate programs, trying to earn my MFA in Creative Writing, and I've become enamored with this niche of a writing community. Using the MFA Blog as a starting point, there are also two sites, here and here, that I frequently visit where the blog authors are actually compiling admission notification data. The sites themselves may not mean much to you, but if you read the comments, the soul of the writing community starts to come alive. Anyone who's missing their old writing programs, or who forget what it's like to cram way too many writers together in one place, should check it out.

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Now that we know there will actually be an Oscars, any interest in attending?