Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yes, Lokor, a Resolution

Well, what can I say, Lokor got me thinking. I read his entry, and just had to do one of my own. Usually, because we tend to be pretty slow with many of these entries, we try to space them out a bit. Or at least I do. But, as Lokor said, 2007 is over; it's now 2000 and GREAT...

(yeah, that was pretty awful...)

and it's time to make some changes. Or resolutions. Or whatever you wish to call them.

Since, like Lokor, and everyone else who posts on thsi blog, I'm a writer, it's no shock that my resolutions involve writing. You know, the thing I talk about, yet don't do enough of. Yeah, that.

Where I differ from Lokor, though, is that my resolutions are not to simply finish projects that I complete--although, to be perfectly honest, I just finished a re-write that I was very pleased with, and it gave me a much deeper understanding of and tolerance for the re-write. But that's another entry.

No, what I want to do is get my head out of the clouds and back down on Earth. Too often I find myself lying in bed or staring at the computer screen and dreaming about the success of this script or this sale or that award. It goes without saying that all of the above are for projects that aren't even written. Or, if written, are still very much in the first draft stage. So, rather than sit around dreaming, which I believe is healthy albeit unproductive, I'm going to become much more proactive in my goals.

So, for 2008, I plan to write. A lot. And consistently. I tell myself now that I would like to have two projects always in development, though how likely that is, I don't know. One thing I will do, however, is post a weekly "Writing Update" on this blog. Next week, when I sit down to write, I'll keep note of all my struggles and thoughts throughout the process. Then, at the end of week one, I'll post them on the blog. I'll do the same at the end of week two. And week three. And so on and so forth.

Hold me to it. I think it'll be an interesting journey both for myself and for anyone reading this. Hopefully, for some, it will even prove instructive

It's fine to have my head in the clouds, so long as I'm shooting toward the stars.

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