Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Week in Review

We missed last week, but we're back...

Rent to close June 1st
What Happened: After twelve years on Broadway and grossing over $ 600 M (Broadway and on the road), Rent is closing on June 1st.

Why It Matters: While I'm sure a Broadway historian could give a more profound analysis of this event, suffice it to say that it revived the rock musical to the extent that the better part of the next decade would see shows taking on similar styles and formats. Let's put it another way: there's probably no Spring Awakening without Rent happening first.

American Idol returns
What Happened: American Idol returned to airwaves this week, sweeping the ratings on both Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Why It Matters: It may not, but this is certainly a different television landscape than what they're used to. Their numbers are down from last year, but it'll be interesting to see if they can regain some of their prowess.

Brad Renfro, Suzanne Pleshette, and Allan Mellvin pass away

*moment of silence

Oprah gets own network:
What Happened: Oprah's getting her own cable network, to be called "OWN." Let all L33t speakers make their jokes now. Oh hell, Oprah, this one's for you.

Why It Matters: Oprah is without a doubt the most powerful woman in entertainment. This solidifies her position even more. What kind of programming we can expect to see, however, is yet to come.

Directors strike a deal (no pun intended)
What Happened: The Director's Guild of America reached a deal on a new contract with the MPAA. The deal includes compensation for new media, something that has been a particularly nasty sticking point in the negotiations between the MPAA and the WGA.

Why It Matters: basically, a precedent has now been set, and from what I understand, the terms the directors agreed to are less than what the writers are seeking, though it doesn't necessarily undercut their efforts. The agreement with the directors gives the producers the ability to say to the writers, "Well, if they agreed to this, why can't you?"

WGA strike to affect the Grammy's?

What happened: The group that runs the Grammy's is trying to reach a temporary agreement with the WGA so their show doesn't turn into, well, the list reading that was The Golden Globes.

Why It Matters: It's a little annoying, especially seeing as the DGA was able to quietly negotiate a new contract with the MPAA, but isn't it interesting to see just how much the writers do for not just Hollywood, but for entertainment in general?

Borat avoids lawsuit

What Happened: remember in the Borat movie when the title character had the etiquette lesson in Alabama? Yeah, well, that woman sued Sacha Baron Cohen, claiming she was duped into being in the movie. Cute. Needless to say, it didn't work out for her.

Why It Matters: Read what you're signing, people.

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