Thursday, November 08, 2007


I'm sure you're wondering--I like to think we have readers who think about our opinions on things--what we think of the strike.
Frankly, we find it complicated. At least I do.

The Guild is an incredibly valuable union for writers. It is nearly essential for people who plan on making their living doing what we want to do.

But, there are so many regulations and stipulations that I cannot even begin to explain or fully understand that the issue, for someone in my situation, is difficult to completely and honestly wrap one's head around.
I support the Guild, of course. I support anything that gives writers more of what they're due, anything that reminds people how important writers are.

As a non-member, it is difficult to figure out exactly where I fall or how I am affected, if at all. I do not want to cross the picket lines or work against the Guild. However, the logistics of it all are such that I would have to sit and think much longer (and at an earlier hour) to be able to formulate a more concrete position on and understanding of the matter.

So until then, the picture holds a thousand words...

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