Tuesday, October 16, 2007

To Read or Not to Read?

This is something I'd like to give a shot at doing, a bit more of an interactive part of the blog. We all know that there are handfuls of books out there about writing, about craft, about selling a screenplay, about pitching, about schmoozing your way to a three picture deal.

But are they worth reading? Do some offer information or insight that's of value? Are they just a waste of money that could be better spent on something else, like alcohol? What books have you read, and which of them would you recommend and which would you tell people to avoid?

In this section, which I'll call "To Read or Not to Read," The League invites people to submit short yet effective reviews of screenwriting (or related) how-to books that they have read. Every time a review is left, we will post it.
Just send an email to swritersleague@yahoo.com to leave your review. Please place BOOK REVIEW in the subject of your email, so as we don't accidentally discard it. Then, check back a few days later to see your post, and potential responses to it.

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Karen Walton - Writers Without Borders said...

Hey Cake Man! This is a great initiative: not a few of us got started in screenwriting by finding the right advice between the covers.... of some great How-To book. In keeping with the Behind-the-Blog buzz, I'm offering to partner up with The League, and post all contributors' reviews (with their permission of course) on ink canada (facebook edition) - where 300+ Canadian writers and their worldwide industry chums would looove to meet you on the Good Reads. You can cc them directly onto our Discussion Topic BOOKS.... or email them to us here:


And in the interests of sharing hot tips on good reads, ink canada members INCLUDE several How To authors of note. I humbly submit:

Award-winning Screenwriter
(& heavily tagged blogger, over at Complications Ensue)
Alex Epstein's
Crafty Screenwriting, & Crafty TV Writing


Filmmaker/writer/Screenwriting Professor at York University
Amnon Buchbinder's
The Way of the Screenwriter

Here's to wiling away the winter with some great exchange. We're ready when you are!