Saturday, September 15, 2007

Additional Sources

Onyx posted last time about a source he found, which was useful to writers. Jumping off of that, I'm going to add a few more that I stumbled across while searching for information about short films. Check these out if you have a moment; they might be helpful.

- Contains many scripts available to read for free, including several Oscar nominated scripts (and some that are, unfortunately, just transcriptions of the films), as well as foreign scripts.

- A sort of all-in-one site that offers an FAQ section, script sales info, profiles on working writers, reviews, contest info, etc. Registration is free and, though not necessary to access all parts of the site, probably a good idea. As of writing this, I am not signed up yet, but I will and will post later about whether doing so was worth it.

- Exactly what it sounds like, resources for student filmmakers. More for the technically inclined, but it provides contest information, as well as links to companies that make and sell equipment. What might be worth a read for struggling writers, though, is the Screenwriting Forum, which can be found down the page on the left hand side, under the forum section. It's just people talking about writing and the difficulties of doing so.

- A site where you can watch short films from the WILDsound film festival.

- Transcriptions of panels and talks hosted and given by various screenwriters. It provides an interesting read about how people approach writing and different styles and schools of thought.

- For those not familiar with the site, it provides reviews and release information about movies, games, DVDs, you name it. A great site to frequent, especially at the end of each week when the new releases are hitting theaters.

- I don't really like the new design of the site; I think it offers fewer films, but that's also due to companies not wanting to partner with Apple and other corporate politics issues. Nonetheless, I try to come here once every week or two just to keep on top of what is coming out in the near to far future, and what I should keep my ears to the ground about.

More to come later, but I hope these help. Have fun playing.

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