Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rotten Tomatoes' Mid-Year Report

Rottentomatoes.com just released its mid-year report, which tallies up the 25 best rated films (along with the 10 worst rated) from January through the end of June. The top and bottom ten are listed below. Personally, I've only seen 2 of the top rated, and while they were some of the "best rated films of the year" to date, I'm not sure that I would go anywhere near to saying they are some of my favorite films. I found them to be ok, entertaining, but nothing much beyond that.

And the top and bottom ten films are:

Best-Reviewed Movies
1. "Ratatouille" 2. "Away From Her" 3. "Once" 4. "Knocked Up" 5. "Hot Fuzz" 6. "Sicko"7 . "The Host" 8. "Zodiac" 9. "Waitress" 10. "The Lookout"

Worst-Reviewed Movies
1. "Because I Said So" 2. "The Number 23" 3. "Premonition" 4. "The Reaping" 5. "Norbit" 6. "Perfect Stranger" 7. "Happily N'Ever After" 8. "Are We Done Yet?" 9. "Code Name: The Cleaner" 10. "Hannibal Rising"

Just a side note... I saw "Hannibal Rising." It sucked. Massively.

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