Thursday, July 12, 2007

Done with One

Sorry for my long absence. And the lack of comics. These past few weeks have been... quite the doozy. I finished a script. Well, a draft of a script. Did it quicker than I thought I would, actually, and in no small part because of the treatment I wrote for it.

You know, I used to hate treatments. Thought I'd "be a real writer and see where the story takes itself." Well that was crap. I was lazy. Some people can work quite well without outlines or treatments. I can't. Not as well. And certainly not as fast. Sure, I get hung up for the few days I spend on the treatment, but once I've got it, the pages tend to pour out.

How good is the draft? I have no idea. We have our next meeting on Monday. I'll find out then. I haven't re-read the pages, since I wanted to give the other Leaguers enough time to read it. I think it's OK, but it's not what I started out writing. I think. Frankly, I don't know, and that's neither a specifically bad or good thing.

I just don't know. And, when you write, you might not, either. Yeah, it's "just" a first draft, so it doesn't have to win any awards, but there are certain things it should do. And I think it does those. The only question is how well.

We shall see. And then, almost no matter what the verdict is, I'll be on to the second draft.

And probably the third.

P.S. Now you see why we're afraid of DOA.

...just kidding.

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