Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Afternoon Blogging - Shrek, Script Frenzy, and More!

The shock isn't that Shrek the Third came in first place this weekend, or even that it grossed over $100 million. I don't know about you, but given how strong Spider-Man 3 has been, I wasn't expecting Shrek the Third to reach $122 mil, breaking its predecessor's own animation record set three years ago. Wowza!

Needless to say, it did. My thoughts, see below, haven't changed one bit since seeing it on Saturday night, and given the fact that there really hasn't been anything resembling a kid's movie since Disney's Meet the Robinson's, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised at all.

The top five rounded out with Spider-Man 3 ($28.5M), 28 Weeks Later ($5.2M), Disturbia (wtf?, $3.7M), and Georgia Rule ($3.5M).

Next week, of course, is Pirates 3. You know, honestly, aside from what it can do, it should top $100 million. That'll be three movies in the month of May that debuted with at least that much. How are all those naysayers who fear the end of the movie industry feeling now?

Also, apparently the Cannes Film Festival is going on. I'll be totally honest, I don't have a clue what's happening over there. Anyone know any good blogs or news sources (do you like how I differentiate the two?) that stay up to date with the info? You can check out the official (English) site here.


This is a fun one: someone on ink Canda's facebook page brought this up and I thought I'd share. Script Frenzy isn't so much a competition as it is an opportunity to write a 20,000 word screen or stageplay over the month of June. The site has the details, but I think this is a perfect opportunity to work through an idea that's been nagging at you and you haven't quite been able to crank out. Remember that play idea I mentioned last Monday? Expect to see me doing my best to make that a reality. If you're worried about copyright info and whatnot, I don't know what to tell you. Perhaps their FAQs have something that can help.


Lots of season finale's this week. 24, and Heroes are tonight. Lost is on Wednesday. I'll sound off on season 3 of Lost toward the end of the week - I have many opinions on the matter- but feel free to leave your comments about what you're watching. Have a great week everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Re. Cannes News/US prespective, I use the Hollywood Reporter's European edition. The British trades are also okay - (links via BFC, BFI, etc) And of course, the Cannes official site offers a few ideas.

Re. Cannes Personal Touch -- ask Colin Geddes (ink canada member, Toronto International Film Festival's Midnite Madness god) if you can be his friend. Colin's very cool. He may be busy. Tell him Walty sent ya.