Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Without A Box

Editor's note: it took everything in the writer's power not to include any references to the end sequence in Se7en ("What's in the BOX??!!") or the SNL Digital Short, "Dick in a Box."

A fellow League member pointed me toward Withoutabox, which is an enormous online database of film festivals and screenplay competitions. This is a great resource for writers sans representation because the more people that see and recognize your work, the better chances that your script will fall into the right hands. Seeing as many agencies only take submissions based off recommendations, winning a few competitions with a kick-ass script certainly can't hurt.

(It may be common sense, but should be reiterated: make sure the work you submit is not a first draft, has been toiled over laboriously, is polished, and is the strongest representation of yourself. Nothing worse than a bad first impression...)

(Also, before submitting anything, please take the time to COPYRIGHT your work. You can do so with the US Copyright Office or even the WGA. You've worked hard on your screenplay. Take the extra steps to protect it. )

We're starting a links list here at League HQ - you'll find it in the right hand margin - linking to sites that are assets to writers. Hopefully it doesn't turn into the behemoth that is our list of labels (which I suppose defeats the purpose), but time, of course, will tell. If you have recommendations, pass them along! Leave comments or send an e-mail to

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