Friday, March 02, 2007

A Warm, Toasty Welcome

So, January might have been a bit of a stretch. It seems that some of our members had to do some pesky graduating, some going back home before returning to Gotham, but the reunion is exciting. I'm counting the days.

Though everything seems vague at best, allow me to clear some things up. As the subheading under the web page's title so aptly suggests, we are a screenwriting collective. Our goals are twofold, which I will expand upon now.

1. The development, honing, and maintaining of our craft, particularly through:
-Workshopping new projects and rewrites.
-The rounding out and developing of ideas. A springboard, if you will.
-Staged readings, open to the public, to test audience reaction and the "sellability" of scripts.
(This may or may not lead to the formation of a League acting company; we'll see)

2. Career Development
-Researching and submitting scripts to agencies ("Mailing Nights").
-Seeking out production companies that accept unsolicited screenplays.
-Finding, researching, and submitting to film festivals and screenplay competitions
(- Potentially starting an off-shoot production company that would, well, make movies.)

And while those are the goals for The League itself, this blog, and eventually the website that it turns into, will hopefully become a community, a place where people can track the insights and adventures of the The League's young members, but also engage in the sharing of information and experiences through comments to the blog posts (which will always be a staple). Here's what you can come to expect:

-A running blog, authored by all of The League's Members, offering varying perspectives and styles as we tackle this industry head-on.

-As the theme is that of SUPER HEROES, we'll be hosting a web strip ala Penny Arcade.
(naturally those personas, are tbd and forthcoming.)

-Did I forget to mention downright badassery?


Welcome to The League.

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