Wednesday, March 07, 2007


This courtesy of Norphen:

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This is from the exclusive clip of Spider-Man 3 that aired during this week's Heroes and later on It's a still shot taken from what was probably half a second of footage shoved into a small montage directly following an extended clip of Peter Parker attempting to evade Harry Osbourne as the New Goblin.

Obviously neither I nor Norphen have any legal right to reproduce this image, but what did Sony expect? With this much technology, I was stunned to see that this image didn't appear 6,000 times when I did a Google Image search for "Venom."

Fans at this year's NY Comic-Con were privy to the first Venom-centric Spider-Man 3 trailer over the weekend, and I'm a little surprised that it hasn't been released to the public yet. Oh well. I'll be here waiting. Let's hope pictures like these satiate our appetites.

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