Sunday, March 18, 2007

Helpful Site

I was on earlier, and through an article on the Shazam movie, I stumbled upon screenwriter John August's ("Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "Big Fish," "Go") blog, which he updates frequently. He started the site as an archive for all of the screenwriter helpful hint articles he wrote for, and has since answered many people's questions about writing. I encourage people to check out the site, and read through the archives to find any answers to questions they might have. I especially liked his article about the pleasurable anonymity of being a writer, which can be found at

So check out the site and, if you have on that no one else has asked, ask him a question. He seems to be pretty dedicated to helping aspiring writers out. (I thought it was especially important that, in his ask a question section, he specifically states that he will not respond to people individually, because the site is there as a general help for all, not a means through which one or two people seek to be given a leg up.) Hope you find something interesting there, I did.

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